Online link cloaking

So you have an affiliate link or a very long URL and you want something short, perhaps memorable...

You'll be happy to hear that there are free online services that can help you exactly with that.

Check them out:

And check out below if you have Joomla and you want link cloaking in the CMS...
Link cloaking for Joomla 2.5 and for Joomla 3.0

So, you have Joomla and an affiliate link or many affiliate links - but you don't want when a visitor hovers the mouse over that link to reveal the affiliate link in the status bar of the browser.

Unfortunately AC Link Cloaker (a nice Joomla extension used for cloaking) is no longer available for the following reason: is no longer compatible with Joomla! 2.5 or higher.

Fortunately there is a workaround to make link cloaking as easy as ABC.

So this is the "trick" - officially supported by Joomla and integrated in the core of Joomla CMS:

In Joomla 2.5:

Log in the back-end and go to Components > Redirect > New and:

At Source URL enter an URL related to your site - (it can be any URL from your site but is better to be a suggestive one) and at Destination URL of course you will enter the affiliate link. Afterwards you will link from any page to the address decided by you ( and probably you'll want to set the target as a new window.

If you're wondering if in Joomla 3.0 "affiliate link cloaking" works in the same way as in Joomla 2.5 you're right! Is that simple!

Good luck with all that!